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This product won Best In Show at NAMM.

The String Cleaner does work on all sizes and brands of Electric, Acoustic and Nylon String Guitars with either 6, 7, or 12 strings, in any gauge. It can also be used on most any other fretted 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7 stringed instruments found throughout the world

* Extends the life and preserves the tone of guitar strings. The String Cleaner does this by removing all the nasty oils, dead skin, and junk your fingers deposit onto your strings while you are playing. We all know as guitar players we do lots of movements, sliding, bending, and pulling off with and against the strings, and in doing that, these deposits are left, or in many cases, scraped off your fingers, which then attach themselves to the guitar strings. These deposits cause the oxidation and rust that inevitably destroy your guitar strings. The String Cleaner removes these harmful deposits.

* Provides an unprecedented 360 degrees of string cleaning action.

* No solution necessary so no handling of environmentally unfriendly solvents and no ongoing costs.

* Cleanable micro fiber pads provide long term, low maintenance use. Just wash and reuse.

What makes The String Cleaner's design so special?

1. The Micro Fiber

The micro fiber was carefully selected for its specific ability to remove and absorb the previously mentioned harmful oils and dirt left from your fingers. If you look closely, the micro fiber is made up of thousands and thousands of tiny loops of semi-coated fiber or cloth. When The String Cleaner is in the closed position around the guitar strings, the loops engulf and really wrap around the strings.

Now, with the fibers tightly held around all sides of the guitar strings the semi-coated loops then serve 2 very important functions at the same time:

a. The semi-coated fibers act as a sort of scraper or “tough side of the sponge” against the guitar string to really free up all the harmful debris.

b. The semi-coated fibers also have a soft, porous and absorbing quality that collects and holds the debris so there is nothing left on the guitar strings.

Each of the thousands of loops hold both the rough cleaning and the debris absorption ability. To further understand or appreciate, think of the loops as having both the tough and absorbing sides of a sponge.

2. Pressure cleaning of the bottom strings

The next feature is the specifically designed thickness of the bottom half of The String Cleaner to provide “pressure cleaning” along the bottom of the guitar strings. This pressure pushes the micro fiber against the bottom of the guitar strings all along the fret board, where 90% of the debris collects from your fingers and is deposited onto the strings. It is important to additionally note that this pressure will cause no damage of any kind to the fret board.

3. Fret Ramps

Both edges of the bottom piece of The String Cleaner are beveled allowing it to glide cleanly and safely along the fret board and to fit into the tough hard-to-reach places at the top of the neck.

4. Cleanable micro fiber pads for long-term use

The String Cleaner pads are cleanable. Cleaning them is very simple:

Simply run them under warm water with a little bit of liquid dishwashing soap, any brand, and simply massage the dirt out with your fingers like so.

The only VERY important step to remember is to make sure you let the device FULLY dry before using it again. If The String Cleaner is not fully dried you run a risk of damaging the micro fiber. Simply feel it and you will be able to tell if it has dried.

To Use (see photo)
1. In an open position, slide The String Cleaner underneath the guitar or bass strings.
2. To fasten, close the device and secure the latches.
3. Slide The String Cleaner back and forth along the full length of the strings.



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