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Coupons - Terms of Use

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So Music will periodically offer or provide Coupons for discounts and various special offers on our Products.

These Coupons are offered in good faith with the intention that they are used and redeemed fairly.  We will make best endeavours to reasonably honour all coupons that we believe are bona fide and in accordance with the Terms and Conditions below.

General Terms of Coupon Redemption

  • Redemption of coupons is solely at the discretion of So Music (Lenker Music Ltd).
  • In the event that payment has been made and it is determined that a coupon cannot or will not be honoured for any reason a full refund of any monies paid to us will be refund.  If paid by Credit card a refund will be processed back to your card.  If made by bank deposit we will request your bank account number and process a refund to this nominated account.
  • Unless otherwise specified coupons can generally be used only once by each user.
  • You may need to be a registered user to reddem your musical instrument coupon although this is not always the case.
  • Coupons will usually have an expiry date.  If you are unable to apply a coupon that you think is valid please Contact Us and we will investigate and work with you to achieve a win/win outcome.
  • Coupon discounts will normally not apply to musical instruments or musical instrument accessories already on promotion or special.
  • Unless specifically stated coupons are only for use by retail customers and do not apply to customers registered and approved as trade or schools/teachers customer.


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